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Monday, January 28


Welcome to my new look Blog .
In the past this blog was used as a sort of shop but now i'm all growed up and have my Etsy shop.
The Etsy shop has been opened for over a year now and is doing well.
There is a link in the sidebar for you to go and take a look .
There still seems to be people popping in here even though it's been closed and i hope you'll keep popping back to see what's new.
What I now propose to do is use this site as a showcase for all my new hand dyeds and any knitting projects I want to share with you . 
Hopefully there will be some knitting designs as well .
There will also be links and dates for all the shows we are doing this year .
That's all for now .
Think I'm going to spend this evening brightening up the blog.

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